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With SARMS you will not depend on your gene, you will control yourself when your body is building muscle mass and burns fat!


With SARMs you have the convenience to control the processes in your body. The pleasure of watching your body change day after day. And the freedom to decide for yourself how and when this happens.

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You must be asking yourself the question: – What are SARMs?

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are a class of therapeutic compounds that have similar properties to anabolic agents (steroids and pro hormones), in which when used they reduced androgenic properties.

This gives SARM the advantage of being selective. In other words, they only affect the tissues that they need and thus avoid much of the side effects associated with steroids.

The extreme effect of SARMs on muscle tissue growth and reduction in subcutaneous fat is quite similar in effect to the effect of anabolic steroids.

Here are some side effects of using anabolic steroids that SARMs do not have

  • Acne
  • Damage to the liver
  • Development of breast tissue and contraction in men
  • Deepening of the voice, facial hair growth, stomach, upper back and unusual menstrual cycles in women

SARMs have the ability to differentiate between anabolic (related to positive effects such as muscle growth) and androgenic activities (related to side effects).

This provides the potential of running SARM cycles for therapeutic activities in a variety of medical conditions, including musculoskeletal disorders, osteoporosis, cancer, and hypogonadism.

Due to their unique properties, SARMs also finds application in a number of sports disciplines and of course fitness.

Keep reading if you want to know exactly how SARMs works and when you can see visible effect and results.

Scientifically proven action and 100% result.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARM). Their very name determines the special way how they work.

What makes them so fast-acting and effective in regulating the processes in your body, such as increasing muscle mass and strength, or burning fat and endurance.

First of all, their Selectivity

SARMs develop as substitutes for anabolic steroids in hormone therapy.

What makes their cycle different and in many ways better than steroids is their key feature – selectivity.

SARMS real reviews - proven

In other words, these supplements distinguish the good from the bad effects in androgen receptors. SARMs selectively target the receptors,  only isolating the effect you are looking for.

  • They activate  the muscle fiber receptors and cause spontaneous growth.
  • They help the body to destroy or use fat stores for energy.
  • Strengthens your muscle tissue, joints and bones, preventing injuries.
  • Increase the strength and endurance capacity of type 1 and 2 muscle fibers.

Yes SARMs are not perfect, but they are certainly a step forward in improving hormone therapy.

Millions have been invested in their development, and so far, there are promising results from clinical trials and initial clinical trials.

The results of long-term administration of SARMS cycles (6-12 months) and its safety, tolerability and efficacy in patients are still being studied.

Keep reading  and you will understand how SARMs work to adjust your body to the result you are looking for.

How Androgen Receptor Modeling Works

The Androgen Receptors themselves are composed of many cells and tissues.

Androgens are essential for male development and maintenance of male characteristics such as bone mass, muscle mass, body composition and spermatogenesis.

Steroids and SARMs interact with androgens but do so differently.

Therefore, they bring different positive and negative results.

The disadvantage of steroids is that, in addition to their primary target (androgen receptors), they also affect secondary organs and tissues, while SARMs are selective and have only one purpose. Let’s look at how they work on the receptors located in:

Androgen Receptors in Bone.

The bone is actually a dynamic organ. Normal bone mass and strength are maintained by continuous bone remodelling processes. Old bone is broken down by osteoclasts and replaced by osteoblasts.

sarms for muscle mass and bone

Therefore, the balance between the two is important for normal bone structure.

Androgens have the ability to focus the balance of the cycle on bone formation.

They also strongly strengthen and prevent bones from breaking and degradation (decay).

The SARMs cycle selectively works to improve this process, while steroids adversely affect the process of breaking down old bone and cause imbalance.

Androgen receptors in muscle fibers

Androgens promote the synthesis of muscle proteins, otherwise they cause growth in muscle fibers.

This process is stimulated by both steroids and SARMs but again there is a difference in their working process.

sarms for muscle mass

Steroids cause  aromatization, estradiol (also known as estrogen) is released.

It can cause prostate cancer, the formation of benign tumors and adipose tissue (gynecomastia), as well as a negative effect on libido.

During a cycle on SARM, on other hand, no aromatization is observed and they cannot cause these side effects.

Obviously, SARMs have a promising future. You are probably already asking yourself the question …


When is the real effect of a SARM cycle felt?

How does SARMs work, when will you start seeing the first results in the mirror?

Interestingly enough, a lot of “Guro’s” and marketers advise long SARMs cycles for better effect in increasing muscle mass or burning fat …


The results from SARM cycles, based on user feedback and iMuscle recommendations is different

The results of SARMs can be seen as early as the first 7 days… As you already know, SARMs are selective, they find their target and act quickly. Also, basically, they are 3 times more anabolic than steroids.


Our recommended duration of a SARM cycle is:

  • Short but effective – 4 Weeks

Satisfactory and permanent results from SARMs.This cycle is ideal for beginners who are taking SARM for the first time.

After this cycle, there should be a rest of at least 2 weeks. Rest time is mainly needed for ” unlocking the receptors ”

  • Optimal – 6 Weeks

Here you are chasing maximum effect with minimal side effects from SARM. This is the golden environment!

Suitable for beginners and advanced who want to build up on the results.

The rest after this cycle is at least 3 weeks. After this cycle, PCT can be done. It also depends on the products you choose, for the strongest SARMs such as YK11, therapy is a must.

  • Long – 8 Weeks

This cycle is for you if you have an increased sensitivity to SARMs. In other words, if your body has more androgen receptors, you will be able to take products such as SARM for longer with satisfactory results.

If you do not have such sensitivity, it does not make sense to continue your cycle for more than 6 weeks.

After this long intake, recovery therapy is also needed. It also depends on the products you choose, for the strongest SARMs such as YK11, post-cycle therapy is a must.

Post-cycle therapy after SARM cycle

You have 2 options. In many cases, the only thing you need is a break in which your receptors are released and ready for action again.

But in longer periods of SARM cycles, it is better not to take any chances and provide yourself with post-cycle therapy:

Post cycle therapy(PCT) – Option 1

SERM – selective estrogen receptor modulators. These products control estrogen receptors and can accordingly stimulate the production of your own testosterone.

They also block the estrogen that results from increased production of new testosterone.

Popular SERMs:

  • Clomiphene – 25mg to 50mg daily 3-4 weeks after a cycle
  • Tamoxifen – 20mg to 30mg daily 3-4 weeks after a cycle

Post-cycle Therapy – Option 2

Vitamins and minerals that increase the production of testosterone and luteinising hormone (the hormone responsible for the production of semen).

Suitable combination:

  • Zinc – 25mg to 30mg daily 4 weeks after a cycle
  • Vitamin D3 – 3000iu to 5000iu daily 4 weeks after a cycle with SARM
  • Selenium – 100mcg-200mcg daily 4 weeks after a cycle with SARMs
  • Maca – 15 to 30g per day
  • Folic Acid – 400mg per day
  • Magnesium – 45mg per day
  • DHEA  – 100mg to 200mg per day
  • Vitamin C

So far so good, but which are the best and most powerful SARMs, which products will give you maximum effect for building muscle mass and burning fat …

The best SARM combinations in STACK for maximum effect

Do you want to gain 3 to 5 kg (6 to 11 lbs) of muscle mass per month or lose a minimum of 3 kg (6 lbs) of body fat without the opposite effect and maintain the results you achieved with SARMS? The best and fastest option is to combine SARM into STACK.

For your convenience, we will split the products into 2 main categories for muscle mass and fat burning.

The best SARM stacks for muscle mass

SARMs stack – Ostarine MK2866, Ibutamoren MK677 and Ligandrol LGD4033 is undoubtedly our most popular muscle mass stack and mostly preferred by beginners.

muscle mass sarms stack. what are sarms. imuscle.co.uk

It will be able to provide you with muscle mass growth of unrealistic at first glance 3 to 5 kg (6 to 11 lbs) in less than 6 weeks. 

The best part is that the muscle fiber development is permanent and no more than 2 kilograms (4 lbs) will be, glycogen accumulated, or as we say in the gym  ‘water retention’.

This means that you will be able to retain at least 77.3% of your achievement.

Of course, this is not all to see the individual positives of each product here:

Another popular choice is the stack Testolone RAD140, YK11, Ibutamoren MK677, which is special development for the advanced.

The combination in this SARM stack interacts with and inhibits myostatin (the protein responsible for the amount of muscle mass that can naturally build up in your body).

It also raises your own growth hormone levels by up to 300% and it keeps your body in anabolic mode.

In short, there is no doubt on the effectiveness of this stack, the setting that the combination of these SARMs supplements creates is a recipe for 100% success.

muscle mass stack sarms: y11, rad140, mk677 . imuscle sarms

Visually, you will notice a difference, 7 days into your cycle. You will experience an immediate increase in strength, muscle volume and your desire to exercise.

This is about completely changing your genetic structure, even if you have absolutely no genetic potential to build muscle, this combination of SARMs stack will guarantee you success.

If you would like to view the products on the stack separately click here:

Of course, all that muscle mass looks best when there is less than 10% body fat in your body!

Best SARM stacks for fat burning

Let’s start with this. There is NO magic pill to lose fat, you can do nothing and get a satisfactory result, but there are SARMs that will speed up the process of burning fat by at least 70% …

We are not talking about diuretics that only remove water from your body and have nothing to do with burning fat.

SARMs work as follows:

  • They speed up your metabolic processes, causing your body to process the calories you are consuming with maximum efficiency. That way, the chance of gaining extra pounds is almost zero.
  • They block the body’s function from accumulating excess calories in the form of fat. This means that you will have a lot of energy that you can use for cardio and triple your results.


SARM supplements keep your body in perfect fat burning mode from 2 to 5 kg (4 to 6 lbs) for a 6 week cycle, are completely real and achievable.

fat burner sarms stack. imuscle sarms uk

The best combination in a fat burning stack is Cardarine GW501516, Andarine S4 and Ostarine MK2866.

This SARM stack is very interesting because all 3 products have similar effects, but at the same time have many specific tasks that differentiate them:

  • Cardarine GW501516 has the task of improving the way the body uses its fat stores and, at the same time, the endurance of type 1 muscle fiber and the explosiveness of type 2. This means that you will run faster, train more intensively without wasting, and the energy you are you get for this intense will come directly from your fat.
  • Andarine S4 improves protein synthesis, increases pure weight and strength. This SARM has another function, it blocks the body’s ability to produce excess calories and instead directs them to muscle fibers. In a nutshell, Andarin blocks the buildup of fat and helps build muscle mass.
  • Ostarine MK2866 will help with the building of lean muscle mass even on low calories diet. It will assist with not losing muscle tissue when on diet dificit. MK2866 will increase your strength and prevent and recover injuries.

Great, the facts are on SARM’s side. You can transform your body in less than 6 weeks with 1 cycle, but something is missing …

There is a lack of reviews from real users and this is exactly what we will talk about in the next point.

Enter the first true SARM forum in United Kingdom

The problem with forums is that the information and comments there are often manipulated by the owners.

The admins write artificial reviews and reviews in the form of comments and deleting the negative ones to present their product in a different light …

Here you will find something very different.

When we created our SARM forum, we had 2 things in mind:

We wanted to hear directly the voice of customers, what they thought of SARM supplements, their feedback on different methods of cycles, the quality of our SARMs, and how to use them for better effect over the long or short cycle.

We wanted to know what the REAL user opinion really is so we can directly improve the product and our knowledge base. This gives you optimum quality and a cycle scheme based on repeated experience and customer feedback.

The creation and maintenance of our SARM forum has led to constant quality tests for each batch, as past feedback from our customers has proven that the strength of product batches in the past has been different.

Now you can be sure that you will get the maximum result! However, if you are not sure, you can always log in and ask other users for their opinion. In seconds, here you will get other feedback.


Join the Whatsapp Chat Forum Group for SARMS Users – Click here

sarms UK forum


Of course, every product has its positives and negatives. With SARMs the negatives are the side effects.

The truth about the side effects of SARMs

What side effects are causing SARM, are they serious and is there room for concern?
sarms side effect_what are sarms

Let’s be honest, every product has a side effect, such as something that everyone has heard of and used Aspirin for.

Aspirin Side Effects of Overdose:

  • ringing in the ears, confusion, hallucinations, rapid breathing, convulsions (seizures);
  • severe nausea, vomiting or stomach pain
  • bloody or brown stools, coughing blood or vomiting
  • fever lasting more than 3 days
  • swelling or pain lasting more than 10 days.

Common Aspirin Side Effects of Normal Use:

  • upset stomach, heartburn
  • drowsiness
  • a slight headache

We decided to group the common side effects of SARMs, which are often discussed in 3 sections.

Common side effects of SARMs

  • Hunger – this is a side effect mainly manifested in SARM that enhance metabolic processes. For example, Ibutamoren MK677, it sharply raises growth hormone by about 300% while increasing hunger. This is normal, take for example a baby who has high levels of growth hormone. Still, it grows and, to put it simply, sleeps and eats.
  • Fatigue – This can happen for 2 reasons. One is sleep deprivation, with SARMs you have a lot of energy and a lot of users think that is enough for them. They do not have a regular sleep cycle, which can cause chronic fatigue. Another reason is the sudden release of growth hormone, which usually happens while we sleep. Therefore, if you are taking MK677, take it 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Hyperactivity, as we mentioned taking SARM gives a lot of energy, we have feedback from the more sensitive to the products, they are hyperactive.

Rare side effects

Adjusting vision from light to dark. A high dosage (75mg) cycle of the SARM – Andarine S4 has problems adjusting eyes from light to dark.

This means that it takes longer for the eyes to adjust to different light levels. This side effect is not permanent, it disappears immediately after stopping for 24hours the SARM – Andarine S4.

Decrease in free testosterone levels. SARMS such as Ligandrol, YK11, Testolone are quite potent and take up the function of testosterone in the receptors.

Your body can reduce the production of free testosterone because it is not needed in the presence of SARMs for a longer time in the body.

This side effect is corrected as soon as the SARM leaves the androgen receptors, about 2 weeks after the stopping of the cycle.

Absurd side effects

Cancer and more specifically cancer caused by Cardarine GW501516. Cardarine is actually adapted to fight cancer cells, but huge doses have been administered to mice over the long term.

This causes cancer in their cells. This means that if you take 100 times the dose described daily, for a year you can cause the same side effect on yourself, but not if you follow the instructions…

Now that you already know more about SARMs, their intake, cycle and side effects are right to know from where to buy them.

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