Andarine | S4 | SAMPLE PACK 10 Capsules 15mg


  • It resembles the effect of Anavar and Stanozolol

  • It delivers firmness and fullness to the muscles

  • It dramatically increases strength and pure muscle mass

  • Fat Burning


Andarine S4 | 15mg, 10 Capsules

Andarine S4 is a SARM with similar properties to the popular steroids Anavar and Winstrol, but its most unique property is that it can minimise lipoprotein lipase – an enzyme that causes fat accumulation. This means that with Andarine the fat will not stick as easy. In addition, it also supports and even increases muscle mass in a diet rich in calories. It improves the “aesthetic” appearance of the muscle with minimal or no water retention. You will be able to achieve amazing results without the use of anabolic steroids.

Andarine S4 How it works

The way Andarine works is quite similar to the way testosterone works. Andarine S4 binds to the androgen receptors of muscles and bones by improving protein synthesis, which in turn contributes to building more muscle mass and strengthening joints and bones. With this SARM you will notice that your muscles will begin to feel harder after the first 2-3 days of taking it. Andarine can provide you with strenuous progress for only 4 weeks.

Andarine S4 Recommended Dose

Use Andarine S4 with a more anabolic SARM like Ostarine for better results, trying to gain muscle while burning fat. The recommended dose is 40-50mg daily for 8 weeks. Due to the short life of Andarine of 4-6 hours, doses can be divided into 3 intakes a day. It is better to take on an empty stomach so that it is absorbed better.

Andarine S4 Side Effects

Each product has side effects due to inappropriate admission or misuse. The most commonly observed side effect of Andarine S4 is the decrease in the quality of night vision. The dose at which it occurs varies greatly but in 99% cases it is quite high (75mg a day). Symptoms however disappear when the product is discontinued for 24 hours. This actually means, that weekly Andarine intake should exclude 1 day of the week to have absolutely no chance of side effects.

Andarine S4 Most effective combination

Andarine is most effective in combination with Ostarine and Cardarine. This combination gives quick results in increasing muscle mass even with calorie deficiency. If the goal is muscle mass and relief, the solution is Andarine in combination with Ostarine and Cardarine.

Andarine S4 Composition and Origin

We often get enquiries about the origin and quality of our products, which is understandable given the many ineffective and counterfeit products available in the marketplace. This is why we provide you with a quality certificate for our Andarine from Georgia, GPM (Georgian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing), the document also provides information about the manufacturer. This is available upon request.


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