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Ooo yes !!! iMuscle COMBAT SARMS combo series finaly in United Kingdom!

The name speaks for itself iMuscle COMBAT our special combo series for martial arts! If you are chasing the best condition, speed, strength and most importantly you want to reduce the risk of injuries, this SARM combo will not disappoint you!

The dose of each capsule contains…

  • Cardarine GW-501516/10MG – One of the most widely used SARM supplements in high-intensity sports.
  • Ostarine MK-2866/15MG – The absolute favourite for increasing stable levels of strength and lean muscles, as well as recovery and injury prevention.

Positive qualities of iMuscle COMBAT, combo SARM

As already mentioned, the iMuscle COMBAT is especially suitable for people practicing martial arts, but this does not mean that it cannot be used in the gym or in the calisthenics.

The main positive effects are:

  • Fast action 30-45 minutes after ingestion
  • Improving strength and explosiveness in type 2 muscle fibers
  • Acceleration of metabolic processes and protein synthesis
  • Prioritise the burning of hard-to-reach fat deposits from the body
  • Improving the recovery process
  • Treatment as well as prevention of injuries and traumas
  • Very high levels of endurance and the possibility of longer workouts

How to use iMuscle COMBAT

What you can use the iMuscle COMBAT SARM combo for, how long you can take it in what doses and what to expect you will find out in a moment…

Cycle length 

As in most cases, we contradict the general information related to the length of the cycle with SARMs and we believe that a shorter cycle followed by a break is more effective than a too long cycle.

The optimal cycle with iMuscle COMBAT is no longer than 6 to 8 weeks (max).

We base this statement on the opinions and feedback from our customers that we have received over the years. You can register in our SARM forum, where you will quickly and easily get answers to your questions from real users.

iMuscle Combat Dosage

The dose of iMuscle COMBAT is 2 capsules for men and 1 capsule for women. The presence of Cardarine makes this combo perfect for taking about 45 minutes before a workout.

For men who do two workouts, the dose can be divided into 1 capsule 45 minutes before each workout.

On days that you are not exercising, the intake for men is reduced to one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach, and in women the same dose (1 capsule) is maintained.

What can you stack the iMuscle COMBAT with?

The only SARM supplements that can be applied to the COMBAT series are for individual use:

  • For Maximum Strength and Mass

You can combine it with 10 mg of Testolone Rad-140, taken once a day.

  • For Muscle Gains

You can combine it with 8 mg of Ligandrol LGD 4033 taken once a day.

  • For better recovery and treatment of injuries

You can combine with 20 mg of Ibutamoren MK-677, taken 1-2 hours before bedtime.

What results can you expect from iMuscle COMBAT

Visually, you will be able to cut 2 to 3 kg of fat and gain about 1 – 1.2 kg of muscle mass over a period of 45 days.

Physically, you will greatly increase your strength, as well as endurance and fitness.

You will be able to do 3 times more cardio, do longer workouts without shortness of breath or fatigue.

You will also notice an improvement in joint mobility and a reduction or cessation of joint and / or bone pain.

Opinions and reviews in our “LIVE” SARM Forum

For real opinions and reviews related to the effects of SARMs and their combinations, you can read our article about our first SARM FORUM in United Kingdom or directly ENTER IT

Post-cycle therapy

iMuscle COMBAT DOES NOT REQUIRE post-cycle therapy. In fact, it is also suitable for recovery therapy after a heavy steroid cycle in combination with the following products:

Option  №1

  • Vitamin D3 – 2500 to 5000 iu per day
  • Zinc 30mg per day

Option №2

  • Clomiphene – 20-40 mg
  • Tamoxifen – 10-20 mg

Option №3

  • iMuscle PCT-XXL

Learn more about post-cycle therapy with SARMs and see our offers.

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