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You asked, we listened to you iMuscle PCT-XXL is finally in United Kingdom  

If you feel tired, lethargic, depressed, with low libido, this may be due to low testosterone levels! With iMuscle PCT-XXL you can increase your testosterone levels or return them to normal after a heavy cycle.   

The dose of each capsule contains…

  • Clomi-20 (15MG) – SERM to increase testosterone levels and spermatogenesis
  • Nolva-10 (10mg) – SERM The new addition to our range accelerates the body’s metabolic processes specifically in white adipose tissue and glycogen.
  • Ci-10 (7.5MG) – Improves overall blood circulation and stimulates chemicals in the brain that have a positive effect on libido

Positive qualities of iMuscle PCT-XXL

iMuscle PCT-XXL series for complete increase of testosterone, spermatogenesis and libido!

The main positive effects are:

  • Fast action, 60 minutes after ingestion
  • Longer erections
  • Increased desire for sex
  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Improving the quality and quantity of semen
  • Increase muscle mass

How to use iMuscle PCT-XXL

What you can use iMuscle PCT-XXL for, how long you can take it in what doses and what to expect you will find out in a moment…

Cycle length

The optimal cycle with iMuscle PCT-XXL is intake not longer than 3 to 4 weeks (max).

You can register in our SARM forum, where you will quickly and easily get answers to your questions from real users who have tried iMuscle PCT-XXL or individual SARMs in this combination.

iMuscle PCT-XXL Dosage

The dose of iMuscle PCT-XXL is 1 to 2 capsules for men.

iMuscle PCT-XXL is a product for restoring and raising testosterone levels and does not depend on your training sessions.

The intake is once a day 15 minutes before meal or 45 minutes after.

What can you stack the iMuscle PCT-XXL series with?

iMuscle PCT-XXL can be stacked with almost any SARM supplement, stack or combination product.

It could be useful during a SARM cycle to maintain optimal testosterone levels and / or after a cycle for faster recovery and maximum retention of muscle mass and strength.

What results can you expect from the iMuscle PCT-XXL

Visually, you will not notice the effect of iMuscle PCT-XXL, but within 5 days you will feel:

  • Stronger morning erections
  • Increased libido
  • Better mood
  • Better sleep

Opinions and reviews in our “LIVE” SARM Forum

For real opinions and reviews related to the effects of SARMs and their combinations, you can read our article about our first SARM FORUM in UK or directly ENTER IT

Post-cycle therapy

iMuscle PCT-XXL is the OPTIMAL product for post-cycle therapy. As mentioned, it can be used during the cycle itself, both for SARMs and for stronger anabolic steroids.

Learn more about post-cycle therapy with SARMs and see our offers.

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