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Muscle Mass Bulk Stack

Ligandrol LGD-4033 and Ibutamoren MK677

This stack consists of Ligandrol LGD-4033 and Ibutamoren MK677 and is perfect for building muscle mass fast.

Ligandrol is the most effective SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) for fast muscle gain. Ligandrol is also known as LGD-4033 and is used by athletes as a healthier substitute for the most powerful steroid to increase muscle mass, Dianabol (Methandrostelone, Dbol or D-bol) and Anadrol (Drol).

It’s ability to stimulate muscle growth without adding calories and training makes it highly sought after by athletes.This means that Ligandrol is specifically designed to target only muscle and bones without affecting other organs in the body unlike ordinary steroids.

Ibutamoren or MK677 when added will double the efficiency of Ligandrol. This is because Ibutamoren stimulates the production of natural growth hormone. Ibutamoren also boosts metabolism, aids recovery and helps muscles to absorb more nutrients.

Recommended Dosages

We recommend to run a cycle of 4-6 weeks at a time and after that to take a break of 2-3 weeks.

Ligandrol LGD-4033: 8mg -16mg, (1-2 capsules) a day on a empty stomach once a day. This improves absorption of the active ingredient.

Ibutamoren MK677: 20mg – 30mg a day in the evening before going to bed as it aids recovery and helps improve sleep.

Side Effects

Ligandrol LGD-4033: Evidence suggests that human use of LGD-4033 longer than 8 weeks will natural testosterone production in 67% of users. This means that it is not reasonable to take Ligandrol longer than 8 weeks without rest. With this shorter intake you will get 100% of the product’s benefits without encountering side effects.

Ibutamoren MK677: The most common side effect of Ibutamoren is an increase in appetite and transient, minor edema in lower limbs and muscle pain. Several studies have shown an increase in fasting blood glucose and a decrease in insulin sensitivity.

These side effects are similar to those seen in people with elevated growth hormone levels, mostly joint pain and insulin resistance. These side effects are unlikely to occur when taking normal doses of Ibutamoren.

For a more detailed description of each of these products separately, click on the links below:

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SARM independent Purity and Quality test

We test every individual product batch in an independent European lab. Testing is mainly done for financial reasons and customer safety.

In other words we want to make sure we are receiving the correct raw materials and you are paying for the actual SARM product listed on our website.

Please find enclosed the following tests:

●     Cardarine GW-501516

●     Ostarine MK-2866

●     Stenabolic SR-9009

●     Andarine S4

●     Ibutamoren MK-677

●     Ligandrol LGD-4033

●     S23

●     Testolone RAD-140

●     YK11

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3 reviews for STACK Ligandrol | Ibutamoren MK677

  1. Owen J

    I personally think that this is really good stack for beginners ot put on muscle mass. For me it help me by putting 3 kg ish overall weight.

    Impressed by the strength increase and that i felt overall well recovered in the morning and increasing my strength week by week.

  2. Kyle Johnston

    Um … I was skeptical. They arrived later than expected, but gave me a discount. I can say that the product is good, but they have to solve the delivery problem.

  3. Milan

    You have no equal. Expect more orders from me

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