YK11 | SAMPLE PACK 10 Capsules 10mg


  • 3 times stronger than testosterone

  • Myostatin Inhibitor

  • Unlimited quantities of mass

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YK11 the most powerful SARM | 10mg, 10 Capsules

YK11 The most powerful SARM is now available. It is primarily designed to help muscle growth. YK11 also decreases overall body fat deposits.  The powerful action of YK11 enables even people with no genetic potential to gain muscle. This is because this SARM is a Myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin is a protein component that suppresses the growth muscles in the body. Some people naturally have a large amount of this protein in their body. This prevents them from acquiring significant amounts of muscle even when using steroids. Thanks to YK11 the most powerful SARM, everyone will have the ability to adjust their muscle mass levels. This can be done without the proper genetic structure.

YK11 How it works

YK11 binds to the androgen receptor, thus stimulating muscle cells to produce more anabolic factors and this then leads to muscle growth itself. Compared to other SARMs YK11 is far more effective, and according to research, its effect on muscle cells is much more pronounced. YK11 also shows an anabolic activity 300% greater than that of testosterone. One of the living examples of this products influence of Myostatin Inhibitors such as YK11 are the special breed of Belgian Blue Bulls, which by genetic selection and artificial manipulation and mutation of their genetic structure develop the so called double muscles. The main reason for this is their highly suppressed Myostatin, at which point YK11 is the only SARM that can stimulate such activity.

YK11 Side Effects

One of the side effects of YK11 is hair growth. This is not a major problem for most consumers, but is a well known side effect of YK11. Because of the potency, this SARM may also cause a slight increase in blood pressure as well as mild acne incidences in those users who are predisposed to its formation. Finally YK11 can lead to increased aggression among some users, which may be an obstacle in every day life but not in training.

YK11 Recommended Doses

Most users report that the best way to take YK11 is with food. Something extremely important for YK11 is the training itself. Because YK11 delivers a lot of energy, strength and power, you can feel overwhelmed and restless energy that needs to be spent on non training days. For this reason, it would be most optimal to train each day as the YK11 will create a continuous growth environment. When you don’t have strength training, it is desirable to introduce active recovery in the form of cardio. This will allow the body to balance the flow of energy it will receive. The dosing should be 6 weeks to a maximum of 8 weeks with a dose of 10mg. The cycle must end with a break of 3-4 weeks.

YK11 Best Combinations

YK11 the most powerful SARM that traps most of the Myostatin receptor and inhibitor. For maximum effect, combine with Ibutamoren MK677. Thus, the combination of YK11 in combination with enhanced growth hormone production by MK677 will contribute to creating the ideal environment for muscle growth. Testolone RAD140 can be added to this combination for 3-4 weeks if the user is looking for lightening changes in physique.

YK11 Composition and Origin

We often get enquiries about the origin and quality of our products, which is quite understandable given the many ineffective and counterfeit products in the market place. This is why we provide a quality certificate of YK11 from Georgia manufacturer GPM (Georgian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing), the document also provides information about the manufacturer. This is available upon request.



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